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- the most effective thermal insulation

Brings savings, return and efficiency

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Slim, lightweight and flexible insulation material, adaptable to any originally designed.

Maximum quick laying and easy handling saves time and reduces costs for insulation.

Reflection of thermal radiation and shielding electro smog ranks Lupotherm among the best insulation.

Easy and effective insulation inside and outside, to floors, roof, wall and facade suitable for all objects.

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After starting distrust (as described herein seemed too "miraculous" and also was a novelty for us), we decided to take the risk...
Today I can confirm that Lupotherm really works.
The average gas consumption for the period before the insulation between 1999 - 2010 was 2569 m3 of gas per year.
The actual consumption for 2011 was 1375 m3, which represents a saving of 46.5%.
The actual consumption for the year 2012 was 1290 m3, which represents a saving of 49.8%.